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A mobile-first portal where employees can access their payslips, leave balances, and schedules. They can also file under-time and overtime requests right on the portal. Paylocity can be easily accessed via Android and iOS devices so users can process payrolls while on the go. With this, businesses can access multiple payroll information in one interface, manage accruals and benefits, store detailed personnel files, and more. The payroll solutions provider ensures that the platform is updated with all Indian payroll laws, from professional tax to provident funds.

For a small monthly fee, this software will also process and file your payroll taxes. Designed for businesses with 75 employees or fewer, Payroll Mate makes it easy to get started in payroll. But what really stands out is its product support, as every support employee is trained by the American Payroll Association.

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The platform’s interface should be simple to understand and allow you to run payroll in a matter of minutes. Deluxe’s Microsoft partnership means its services can be accessed via Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This all-in-one solution is meant to simplify your business software needs via a single platform. Deluxe now offers integrations with several popular accounting software services, including QuickBooks, Xero and Sage.

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  • Because of its pricing structure, SurePayroll is ideal for businesses with fewer than 10 employees.
  • Having instant access to labor costs and allocation helps businesses to better understand their financial standing and to plan more adeptly for the future.
  • QuickBooks does a good job of making payroll simple for anyone, regardless of experience.
  • You’ll have direct access to a team of real human beings with the right knowledge and experience to help you quickly and give you the level of care that you know and love as a BambooHR customer.

There are no The Best Online Payroll Software For 2021s to use Payroll4Free unless you have more than 25 employees or you want Payroll4Free to file your payroll taxes for you. If you want to pay your employees via direct deposit, that will be another $25 per month. Otherwise, funds will be deposited into your account so you can manually pay your workers by check, though you may want to consider paying for check printing software. Even if you choose to pay for these services, you’ll still pay less than most other services. Gusto is similar to other payroll software solutions in that it offers direct deposit or checks to pay your employees. It also tracks and files federal, state, and local taxes automatically.

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Gusto offers its users access to HR experts and other dedicated support staff to make sure its users fully leverage all this system has to offer. Unfortunately, as is often the case, you’ll need to shell out for the pricier packages to get the really good stuff. Otherwise, Gusto is great, and you can always start with the core package and scale up later. I’ve used plenty of other payroll softwares and HR information systems, and BambooHR is by far the best. The last thing you want to have to worry about is whether or not your employees’ sensitive payroll data is secure. Our top priority is keeping your data private and protected.


And while some of the top payroll apps out there do not advertise their pricing, this does not always mean it’s because they’re too expensive. Don’t be shy to reach out to sales departments, often they are eager to help you find the right package and price for your small business. Finally, when using payroll software, it’s great if you find a system that has good mobile functionality or even a dedicated mobile app. This lets HR reps and employees handle simple payroll-related actions even when they’re away from the office. They offer online HR and payroll tools, expense claims management, time clock and attendance tracking, and more. Managing employee data, tracking hours, and running payroll in multiple systems can mean hours of data entry, which means countless chances to make small errors that have big consequences.

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Key features include flexible pay options, auto-run capabilities, powerful real-time reporting, and engaging employee self-service. Papaya Global is an online payroll software that helps companies remove barriers to global hiring. Their automated, SaaS platform provides an end-to-end global workforce management solution—everything from onboarding to cross-border payments in 160+ countries. One more interesting feature of the best payroll systems out there are employee portals. These are self-service portals that let employees access their payment information. They can get pay stubs and see their direct deposits, as well as count how much PTO they have coming to them.

  • Paylocity can be easily accessed via Android and iOS devices so users can process payrolls while on the go.
  • A popular online accounting app designed to meet the needs of small and medium businesses in any industry.
  • Payroll software for small business is an essential tool for companies to manage their accounting and payroll processes.
  • Rise ensures that your entire payroll is seamless by integrating with popular software such as Xero, QuickBooks, and FreshBooks.
  • Manual payroll processing can lead to human errors which can significantly affect a company.

Remote is currently in the process of rolling out a global payroll platform similar to those of the other providers we reviewed. Its major strength lies in its top-notch employee of record services, which is when a third-party company helps you legally employ people in other countries. The EOR takes care of all tasks relating to things such as payroll, benefits, taxes, stock options and local compliance. In addition to payroll processing tools, Square offers a team management feature that can help you sync hours, review an employee’s performance and manage system permissions for each team member. This is an especially important function in a time when remote work is more common than ever. The payroll module also includes a PTO-tracking tool that allows you to set a custom policy for your employees and then monitor time-off requests with a single click.