sober networking Community brings folks in your city together to participate in wildly entertaining alcohol-free events and activities. There is a truth behind the statement, “strength in numbers,” and a sober support network proves that.


If you network on behalf of your employer, you’re likely trying to bring in new clients and keep current ones happy. In situations and jobs where “relationship-building” is at the center, it’s not uncommon to see alcohol combined with socializing, despite its impact on employees and owners.

Sober Recovery

The goal of the program is to promote abstinence from alcohol and other substances through positive lifestyle changes. It’s designed to empower individuals and transform lives from self-destructive to positive, constructive, and enjoyable. Sober Grid – A social networking app with an Instagram-life news feed that lets users share photos and informational resources and exchange support in recovery. SMART Recovery is a sober community that focuses on helping individuals through group meetings. Their philosophy is largely focused on using cognitive behavioral therapy to change bad habits surrounding alcohol use disorder, eating disorders, sex addictions, and more. Humans crave social connections, and sober support networks provide just that. Because many individuals want to belong, being a part of a sober group can increase your confidence and self-esteem in your interpersonal relationships – it bestows a feeling of acceptance.


Traditional Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings have helped millions of people over the past eight decades. With a network that spans the world, AA is almost always the first alcohol recovery program people think of.

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One of the most interesting things that is noted by many addiction counselors is that many substance abusers initially begin using substances because they help to encourage social behavior. The majority of drugs of abuse have some sort of social lubricating effect, whether that is by diminishing anxiety or helping to stifle the voice of self-criticism. Unfortunately, it can sometimes seem challenging to build a support network. At other times, you may forget why it’s important to even have one in the first place. This article will address some of these topics and provide some tips and tricks on how to build a strong and effective support network. It’s not a meeting intended for people with alcohol or substance use disorder. These groups help people share their experiences from living with a person with alcohol use disorder in a safe and compassionate support group.

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Tips to stay sober after the holidays and ahead of Valentine’s Day.

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Al-Anon Family Groups give friends and family the support and resources they need to help them cope through challenging times. In addition to organizing meetings, SMART offers a wide collection of online resources and media, including videos, podcasts, and worksheets. Your free account also gives you access to several discussion forums. AA has a long history of helping people with alcohol addiction and has become the top support group for people with alcohol use disorder. Recently featured in our Alumni Newsletter, the Clean Fun Network, is part social network, part on-line dating site, and part travel agency. The site is dedicated to hosting sober travel events, and there is a social network side to the site, which allows you to invite other users to events, post statuses, and connect with people one on one.

Quick Summary of Sober Networking:

Another strategy for navigating these events is to ask someone who knows what you’re going through to be your plus one, if bringing a guest is possible. For people in recovery, it can be as simple as telling colleagues that you don’t drink or politely declining the offer of a drink. Other approaches people in recovery take in disclosing reasons for not having a drink were highlighted in a study published in the journal Health Communications. Strategies that study participants used to navigate work situations where alcohol is involved included holding a cup but not drinking or turning down drink offers without saying why. Some participants indicated they cited health problems or being on medication that didn’t allow them to drink alcohol, while others would try to use humor to change the subject.

  • Additionally, you can check out sober raves and events like Daybreaker, a super-charged morning rave that is 100% sober.
  • It is now being piloted by several treatment centers in Massachusetts and monitors a user’s contacts and location and sends pop-up notifications to caution them about risky acquaintances or neighborhoods.
  • The company also offers 24/7 peer coaching for those who need assistance with their recovery.
  • Sober social apps have been used more and more to help people in recovery support one another and make new connections that help them stay clean.
  • It offers a «How to Drink Mindfully» program and also a one-month reset refresher course.
  • The organization offers both online and in-person support groups run by certified moderators and chat leaders.